Molecular Imaging and Minimally Invasive Therapy Laboratory

Introduction of MIMIT


Molecular imaging and minimally invasive therapy (MIMIT) are becoming two leading research frontiers of medical development nowadays. Molecular imaging enables the visualization of precise medicine, providing new opportunities for the development of minimally invasive intervention. 

The Laboratory of Molecular Imaging and Minimally Invasive Therapy is made up of an interdisciplinary group of scientists from diverse backgrounds including Medicine, Pharmaceutics, Biology, Chemistry, Ultrasonics, Photonics and Automation. Our team is revolutionizing medical theranostic technology. Aiming at the frontiers of medical science, our research and development activities are carried out by working closely with clinical and industrial partners. 

By combining nanotechnology, biotechnology and imaging technology, we are making great efforts to develop novel molecular imaging probes, ultrasound contrast agents, photosensitizers and drug nanocarriers. In addition, the cutting-edge technologies related to minimally invasive therapy covering minimally invasive surgery, photodynamic/sonodynamic therapy, radio-frequency/laser/microwave/HIFU ablation for cancer therapies, radioactive particles, endoscopy and biotherapy, as well as their clinical applications are explored.

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