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1. Yiming Zhou, and Zhifei Dai*. New strategies in the design of nanomedicine to oppose uptake by the mononuclear phagocyte system for enhancing cancer therapeutic efficacy. Chemistry–An Asian Journal, 2018, doi:10.1002/asia.201800149.

2.  Sadaf, Hameed., Pravin, Bhattarai. & Zhifei, Dai*Cerasomes and Bicelles: Hybrid Bilayered Nanostructures with Silica-like Surface in Cancer TheranosticsFrontier in Chemistry (2018)doi: 10.3389/fchem.2018.00127.

3. Bhattarai, Pravin., Hameed, Sadaf. & Zhifei, Dai*. Recent advances in anti-angiogenic nanomedicines for cancer therapy. Nanoscale ,10, 5393-5423.

4. Sadaf, Hameed., Pravin, Bhattarai. & Zhifei, Dai*. Nanotherapeutic approaches targeting angiogenesis and immune dysfunction in tumor microenvironment. SCIENCE CHINA Life Sciences (2018), doi:

5. Nisi Zhang#, Fei Yan#, Xiaolong Liang, Manxiang Wu, Yuanyuan Shen, Min Chen, Yunxue Xu, Guangyang Zou, Peng Jiang, Caiyun Tang, Hairong Zheng*, Zhifei Dai*. Localized delivery of curcumin into brain with polysorbate 80-modified cerasomes by ultrasound-targeted microbubble destruction for improved Parkinson's disease therapy. THERANOSTICS, 2018, 8(8): 2264-2277.

6. Mengxuan Wang, Xiaolong Liang, Min Chen, Nisi Zhang, Zhifei Dai*. Advances in equipment for tumor sonodynamic therapy (in Chinese). Chin Sci Bull, 2018, 63: 266-282

7.Xiuli Yue, Zhifei Dai*. Liposomal nanotechnology for cancer theranostics. Current Medicinal Chemistry, 2018,25(12),1397-1408.

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