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The second International Conference on Molecular Imaging and Minimally Invasive Treatment was held in Peking University

Release date:2019-11-24

From October 18 to 23, 2019, the "2019 international molecular imaging and minimally invasive treatment conference" jointly held by Peking University Institute of technology and Peking University Third Hospital was held in Boya International Hotel, Peking University. More than 1000 experts, scholars, graduate students and entrepreneurs from 19 countries and regions including China, the United States, Germany, Sweden, South Korea, Canada, France, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Japan, Australia, Russia, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Turkey, Pakistan, India, Hong Kong, China attended the meeting.

This conference focuses on the latest progress in the field of molecular imaging and medical ultrasound, and discusses its application in minimally invasive / gene / cell / immunotherapy of major diseases such as tumors. The conference was held in the form of conference report, theme report, invitation report, wall newspaper, practical discussion and round table meeting. Under the witness of experts in the field, the imaging technology branch of China Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Association was officially established, and the first committee with Professor Dai Zhifei of Peking University Institute of technology as the chairman of the branch was elected. The establishment of imaging technology branch will promote the progress of medical imaging technology in China.












The ceremony of 2019 MIMIT

The opening ceremony of the conference was jointly presided over by Dai Zhifei and Professor Cui Ligang, President of the third Peking Medical College, and delivered an opening speech by academician Qiao Jie, President of the third Peking Medical College. On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the conference, the three professors extended sincere welcome and sincere thanks to the guests from home and abroad.

At this meeting, 12 top experts and scholars at home and abroad were invited to give wonderful presentations on different topics and research fields. Tang benzhong, academician of Hong Kong University of science and technology, systematically introduced the discovery process and basic principles of aggregation induced luminescence, and looked forward to its application potential in molecular imaging and minimally invasive treatment. Professor Xiong Sidong of Suzhou University explained the significance of covalently closed loop DNA in the treatment of hepatitis B virus, and pointed out the direction to overcome the persistent disease of hepatitis B. Professor Wang Lihong, academician of American Academy of engineering and professor of California University of technology, demonstrated the latest photoacoustic tomography and ultrafast imaging technology, which can track the attenuation process of single pulse laser. As the inventor of the first photoacoustic imager in the world, Professor Vasilis ntziachristsos of the University of Munich, Germany, introduced the development process of the instrument and systematically explained the latest progress of its clinical transformation and application. Professor Bernd Hamm, President of the European Society of Radiology, academician of the German Academy of Sciences and director of Radiology Department of sharit medical center, Berlin, Germany, introduced Mr molecular and elastic imaging of extracellular matrix, which is expected to expand the clinical application of MR imaging. Professor Pascal Laugier, academician of the European Academy of Sciences and professor of Sorbonne University in France, summed up the opportunities and challenges of quantitative ultrasound in orthopaedics, so that real-time and low-cost ultrasound technology can benefit more people. As an important pioneer of nanoimaging surgical navigation, Professor Baran D. Sumer of the University of Texas in the United States demonstrated the latest clinical application progress of its surgical navigation based on pH hypersensitive fluorescent nanoprobes, which made tumor resection more accurate and attracted wide interest of the participants. Professor Chen Siping of Shenzhen University summed up the current application of ultrasound medical imaging instruments, and pointed out the future development direction. Researcher Zheng Hailong of Shenzhen Advanced Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences introduced the application of ultrasound in brain science, and showed the latest research progress of real-time manipulation of micro nano particles by using ultrasound radiation force. Professor Vincent M. rotello of the University of Massachusetts in the United States has revealed the interaction between nano materials and biological surface interface, focusing on the application of CRISPR in antibacterial field. Professor Wolfgang J. parak of the University of Hamburg in Germany summarized the biomedical application of inorganic nanoparticles and revealed their metabolic pathway in vivo by ingenious experimental design. Professor Naomi J. Halas, academician of the American Academy of Sciences / Academy of engineering and professor of Rice University, made a report entitled "gold nano shell local photothermal ablation for prostate cancer". When the latest achievements in the three-phase clinical treatment of prostate cancer were shown, the whole audience clapped loudly, which would push the field atmosphere to a climax.










Photos of experts in the report of the conference: Benzhong Tang, Sidong Xiong, Lihong Wang, Vasilis ntziachristos, Bernd Hamm, Pascal Laurier, Baran D. Sumer, Siping Chen, Hailong Zheng, Vincent M. rotello, Wolfgang J. parak, Naomi J. Halas.

In each session in the afternoon, experts and scholars from all over the world made wonderful theme reports, invitation reports and oral reports, covering ultrasound, optics, photoacoustic, magnetic resonance, nuclear medicine, multimodal molecular image and molecular / nano image probes, as well as research in drug discovery, gene therapy, immunotherapy and cell tracing, as well as minimally invasive surgery Minimally invasive techniques such as photodynamic therapy, radiofrequency / laser / microwave / HIFU ablation, radioactive particles and endoscopy and their clinical application. The participants had a heated discussion on the research results of the report, which created a strong academic atmosphere and enhanced international exchanges and friendship.

The round table was chaired by Zhifei Dai, and the experts included Benzhong Tang, Bernd Hamm, Vasilis ntziachristsos, Wolfgang J. Park, Vincent M. rotello, Nancy K man, Baran D. Sumer, Beate R ö der, Jan van Hess, Ligang Cui and other professors. Experts discussed the latest development of molecular imaging, and combed the key scientific issues of molecular imaging in the application of minimally invasive / gene / cell / immunotherapy, forming an important consensus.











Group photo of experts attending the round table

The conference also established the "bioconjugate chemistry excellent wall newspaper award of American Chemical Society", which was awarded to scholars from 8 domestic universities and research institutes. The award ceremony was presided over by Dr. Liang Xiaolong Liang, chief editor of bioconjugate chemistry, Professor Vincent M. rotello and Professor Gang Zheng of the University of Toronto, Canada, and other experts jointly awarded certificates and prizes to the winners.

"International molecular imaging and minimally invasive treatment conference" was jointly founded by Zhifei Dai and Ligang Cui. It has set up an important international exchange platform for domestic and foreign experts and scholars, graduate students, entrepreneurs and clinicians, effectively promoted international cooperation across disciplines and fields, and has become a famous international academic conference.


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