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Congratulations on the success of the 2017 MIMIT & IMUS

Release date:2017-11-15

In November 11 to 15, 2017, the International Conference on Molecular Imaging and Minimally Invasive Therapy 2017 and the International Symposium on Musculoskeletal Ultrasound 2017 (MIMIMIT & IMUS) were held successfully in Beijing International Conference Center. More than 500 experts, scholars and entrepreneurs from 10 countries and regions including China, the United States, Japan, Russia, France, Canada, Australia, South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong participated in the meeting.
This conference mainly exchanges the latest advances in molecular imaging, minimally invasive treatment technology and medical ultrasound, and extensively discusses the minimally invasive, accurate, efficient and individualized treatment of major diseases such as cancer. The conference will be carried out in the form of General Assembly report, keynote report, invitation report, invitation of wall newspaper, practical exercise seminar and so on.
The opening ceremony was co-chaired by Professor Dai Zhifei, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Peking University and Professor Cui Ligang, Third Hospital of Peking University. Professor Zhang Ning, deputy director of Peking University Health Science Center, delivered the opening speech. The Organizing Committee of the three professors Congress extended sincere welcome and sincere thanks to the experts from home and abroad.

During the conference, dozens of top experts and scholars, including Professor Katherine W. Ferrara, Professor Matthew O'Donnell, Professor Mickael Tanter and Professor Mickael Tanter of the National Institute of Health and Medical Sciences of France, gave presentations on different topics and research fields, and looked forward to molecular imaging, minimally invasive treatment and medical ultrasound. The future of the field. Subsequently, the young scholars from various sub topics made academic reports respectively, presenting the latest research results. During the conference, scholars actively and interactively discussed and created a strong academic atmosphere, while pointing out the future development opportunities and challenges for more young scientists.

It is worth mentioning that in the report of the General Assembly, Academician Matthew O'Donnell from the United States explained in detail the history, advantages and disadvantages of photoacoustics as a clinical tool for molecular imaging and drew a grand blueprint for photoacoustics as a conventional clinical tool. A report by Professor Mickael Tanter of the French National Institute of Health and Medicine on super-resolution ultrasound imaging has brought the atmosphere to a climax. Professor Tanter has unique insight into the application of ultrasound imaging in the field of neuroscience. He creatively broke through the basic limits of space-time ultrasound imaging, and made several world-renowned achievements in neuroscience, using the technology for the first time in the infant brain. At the end of the report, the audience applauded.

American Academy of Engineering academician Matthew O'Donnell (left) and French National Institute of health and medicine Professor Mickael Tanter (right) is making a general meeting report

The meeting also established the Bioconjugate Chemistry Excellent Wall Newspaper Award of the American Chemical Society, which was awarded to scholars from eight universities and research institutes in China. The award ceremony was presided over by Dr. Liang Xiaolong of the Third Hospital of Peking University. Professor Dai Zhifei of the Institute of Technology of Peking University, Professor Wang Jinrui of the Third Hospital of Peking University and Professor Cui Ligang of the Third Hospital of Peking University jointly awarded certificates and prizes to the winners.

From Nov. 13 to Nov. 15, the musculoskeletal ultrasound sub-venue was held. Professor Tony Bouffard, Professor Chen Dingzhang, Professor Qiu Jia, Director Guo Ruijun and other experts all brought us wonderful reports with enthusiasm and enthusiasm. They patiently and meticulously answered a series of questions from the participants, broadened the train of thought of the participants, and contributed to the clinical practice. We should find new breakthroughs in practice so as to integrate clinical and basic research.
During the meeting, participants and students conducted group practice. In the process of practice, the experts were surrounded by everyone in the middle, in view of the details of ultrasound scanning and possible problems were exchanged and discussed, the scene atmosphere is harmonious and orderly, the experts present to share what they learned, the students race against the clock to conduct drills. Director Cui Ligang was infected by the spirit of seeking knowledge, and then increased a group of internships, and personally taught.

This conference provides a platform for experts, researchers and graduate students in basic research, clinical research, pharmaceutical industry, medical equipment and more fields to fully exchange and discuss the latest developments related to molecular imaging, minimally invasive treatment and medical ultrasound. With the support and help of leaders, experts and scholars from all walks of life and teachers from the same trade, the conference has been a complete success. The second session will be held on 18-22 October 2019.

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