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Shumin Wang

Shumin Wang

Peking University Third Hospital,Ultrasonography,Chief Physician

Education Background

1.2010/09–2013/07, Peking University Third Hospital, Imaging and Nuclear Medicine,Ph.D

2.2000/09–2003/07, Inner Mongolia Medical University, Pathology and pathophysiology, M.A

3.1990/09–1995/07, Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology, Clinical Medicine,B.A

Work Experience


1.2014/12-,Peking University Third Hospital,Ultrasonography,Chief Physician

2.2011/12-2014/12,Inner Mongolia Erdos Central Hospital,Ultrasonography,Chief Physician

3.2005/08-2011/12,Inner Mongolia Erdos Central Hospital,Ultrasonography,Associate chief physician

4.2000/08-2005/08,Inner Mongolia Erdos Central Hospital,Ultrasonography,attending physician

Main Research Fields

  1. Molecular Imaging and contrast agent
  2. Minimally invasive interventional radiology techniques
  3. Ultrasonic evaluation of cardiovascular function


Representative research results

1、Wang S, Dai Z, Ke H, Qu E, Qi X, Zhang K, et al. Contrast ultrasound-guided

photothermal therapy using gold nanoshelled microcapsules in breast cancer. European journal of radiology. 2014;83:117-22.

2、Zha Z, Wang S, Zhang S, Qu E, Ke H, Wang J, et al. Targeted delivery of CuS nanoparticles through ultrasound image-guided microbubble destruction for efficient photothermal therapy. Nanoscale. 2013;5:3216-9.(共同第一作者)

3、Yaqin Sun, Jianhua Wang, Mouhsun Chiang, Huiwen Li, Ji-Bin Liu, Shumin Wang. Value of Multimode Sonography for Assessment of Pelvic Lipomatosis Compared With Computed Tomography. J Ultrasound Med 2016; 35:1143–1148.

    4、 Zhengbao Zha, Jinrui Wang, Shuhai Zhang, Shumin Wang, Enze Qu. Engineering of perfluorooctylbromide polypyrrole nano-/microcapsules for simultaneous contrast enhanced ultrasound imaging and photothermal treatment of cancer. Biomaterials. 2014;35:287-93.

5、Yushen Jin, Jinrui Wang, Hengte Ke, Shumin Wang, Zhifei Dai.Graphene Oxide Modified PLA Microcapsules Containing Gold Nanoparticles for Ultrasonic/CT  Bimodal Imaging Guided Photothermal Tumor Therapy, Biomaterials, 2013, 34, 4794-4802.

6、Jaydev K. Dave, MS, Valgerdur G. Halldorsdottir, MS,John R. Eisenbrey, PHD,Joel S. Raichlen, MD, Ji-Bin Liu, MD, Maureen E. McDonald, MBA, RDCS, RDMS, Kris Dickie, BTECH, Shumin Wang, MD, Corina Leung, MASC,_Flemming Forsberg.Noninvasive LV Pressure Estimation Using Subharmonic Emissions From Microbubbles. JACC Cardiovasc Imaging, 2012. 5(1): 87-92.

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