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Wen Chen

Wen Chen

Peking University Third Hospital,Chief Physician

Education Background:

2001/09-2003/08,Peking University Health Science Center,M.A,Tutor:Jianwen Jia

1984/09-1990/07,Beijing Medical University, Department of Medicine, B.A

Work Experience:

1.2008/08-,Peking University Third Hospital,Ultrasonography, Chief Physician

  2.2006/02-2007/02 Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Visiting Scholar

3.2001/08-2008/07,Peking University Third Hospital,Ultrasonography, associate chief physician

4.1996/08-2001/07,Peking University Third Hospital,Ultrasonography, attending physician


Main Research Fields

Thyroid and Breast Ultrasound,Abdominal Ultrasonography,Vascular Ultrasound, superficial organs Ultrasound

Representative research results

 (1) Jiang Ling,Cui Ligang,Chen Wen* ,et al. Investigation of “practice teaching methods” for musculoskeletal ultrasound imaging. Main Research Fields,2017,37:142-144

(2)Chen Wen*,Jia Jianwen,Wang Jingrui. Soft tissue diffuse neurofibromas-sonographic findings。Journal of ultrasound in medicine, 2007; 26:513-518.


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