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10 a.m. September 5, Lecture by Prof. Peixuan Guo - the founder of RNA nanotechnology

Release date:2016-09-03


Nanomotor and RNA Nanotechnology



Prof. Peixuan Guo

Sylvan Frank Endowed Chair in Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA


Date: September 5 (Monday), 10 a.m.
Location: College of Chemistry, A205
Host: Zhifei Dai


Biomotors are involved in countless vital active processes including muscle motion, heart beating, lung breathing, DNA replication, cell division and viral DNA packaging. When I was a graduate student, I discovered an RNA molecule that drives the viral DNA packaging motor. Subsequently, I constructed the active viral DNA packaging motor in vitro from purified components. During my faculty career, I focused on the study of this RNA-geared biomotor. Our research has led to three major advances: 1) Discovery of a third type of biomotor by revolving mechanism without rotation; 2) Insertion of the motor channel into membrane to serve as a robust nanopore for single molecular sensing; and 3) promotion of the emergence of a new field of RNA nanotechnology.  I will present the translation of these three findings into industrial and biomedical application including single molecule detection and sensing single pore for high throughput DNA sequencing, potent drug development, organ imaging by fluorescence and radioactive isotopes, therapy and diagnosis of cancer and other diseases, as well as other applications in material science, biocomputer modules, and nanomedicine. 


Reference: Guo et al. 1). Science 1987, 236:690; 2) Mol. Cell 1998, 2:149; 3) EMBO J. 2007, 26:527; 4) Nature Nanotech. 2009, 4:765; 5). Nature Nanotech. 2010, 5:833; 6). Nature Nanotech. 2011, 6:658; 7). Nano Today 2013, 8:56; 8). ACS Nano 2015, 9:9731; 9). Nano Today 2015, 10:631.  Advanced Material, 2016. Small, 2016,


Brief introduction of Speaker

Prof. Peixuan Guo, received doctorate in University of Minnesota in 1987, and he is the founder and inventor of RNA nanotechnology. Now, Prof. Guo is the Sylvan G. Frank Endowed Chair at Ohio State University, the Director of Nano Biology Research Center, Director of Liaison Program in Cancer nanotechnology platform at NCI, the Chairman of International Conference of RNA Nanotechnology, and the Chairman of RNA Nanotechnology Gordon Research Conference in 2015.

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